Saturday, 14 September 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars HD v1.4.1

A long time ago within a universe a lot, miles away... a aggregation involving urgent progressive feathered creatures gone face to face next to some sort of galactic hazard: the Empire's mercilessness Pigtroopers!

Cool dude flying creatures, dazzling from your protected way up starting, have won their particular 1st triumph from the powerful Imperial Pigs. Through the entire battle, Cool dude spies invented some sort of workable intend to consider mystery options to the Empire's serious artillery, the PIG LEGEND, and are also hustling to mention the plans to the Cool dude Birds. Presently they might require the guidance!

Become a member of a world famous company with the Upset Birds inside the whimsical Superstar Wars™ whole world! Operate the Push, wield the lightsaber, and influence apart Pigtroopers while on an intergalactic getaway in the deserts involving Tatooine to the profundities in the This halloween Superstar : where by you will go face to face from the mind boggling Darth Vader, Dim The almighty in the Pigs! Might you turn into some sort of Jedi Master and restore freedom to the whole world?

Chance to take the lightsaber and become a member of the experience! Might the winged pets be along with you!

COUNTLESS HOURS CONNECTED WITH GETTING GAMEPLAY : Examine in excess of completely new 100 quantities inside noteworthy regions like Tatooine as well as the This halloween Superstar. Can you evade Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, as well as the dull aspect in the Push to obtain most of the a few superstars?

FRESH GAMEPLAY MOVEMENT : Utilize lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers to wreak devastation on the Imperial Pigs!

LEVELS UPWARD THE GULLS : Preserve taking part in and level way up the feathered creatures to improve their particular aptitudes!

Insider information AND ALSO INVISIBLE DIFFERENT GOODIES : Can you open each of the R2-D2 and C-3po pay back quantities?

FREE OF CHARGE IMPROVEMENTS : This really is solely the beginning of the world famous tale!

What is actually New
The actual tale persists on the Celestial satellite involving Endor using 35 furry completely new quantities! Aid the Cool dude Birds disable the Loss of life Star’s deflector defend just before it’s also delayed. Carry out Stormtroopers, Speeder Bicycles and two-legged AT-ST ramblers inside the thick forested acres involving Endor. In addition to check people loveable pelt projectiles – the Ewoks!
35 FRESH ENDOR RANGES! All-new Celestial satellite involving Endor quantities using moving firelogs and AT-ST ramblers!
MASSIVE CLOSING STRUGGLE! Eliminate the bunker to disable the Loss of life Star’s deflector defend!




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