Friday, 31 January 2014

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro v5.0.6

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro v5.0.6

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro Virtual mixer tracks for DJ-s, are support mp3, ogg, wma, flac & wav formats, makes it possible for to do business with about 3 (2 by default) listings as well as personal patio's, change regarding pace on just about every outdoor patio by 8 to 100% support two 3D ...

Exclusive mixing machine tracks pertaining to DJ-s
Assist mp3 format, ogg, wma, flac, wav platforms
permits you to use about 3 ( 2 by default) personal listings as well as patio's
deviation inside pace of outdoor patio 8 for you to 100 %
support for 2 Fully 3D- saundkart channelized
Synchronize tracks by means of BPM tempo
built-in high-quality equalizer permits you to create useful outcomes
structed outcomes: reveal, flanger as well as gapper
developing a cycle (loop) for you to 8 strokes
connection of the external MIDI controllers
VST / AU effects
High speed & quality results
Nice & easy interface

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro v5.0.6

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro v5.0.6

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro v5.0.6

Require 2.2 and Up & File Size 11mb




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  1. Virtual DJ sometimes gets a bad press. Maybe it’s because the manufacturers and developers, Atomix, began many many years ago making some seriously toy-like DJ software of the same name (mind you, it would run on anything). Maybe it’s because the company doesn’t have “pedigree” by not being an all-round electronic musician’s software developer like Native Instruments. Maybe it’s just because the “Virtual DJ” name itself gets “real” DJs’ backs up. Whatever the reason, it’s relatively common to hear the software being derided by both the aforementioned “real” DJ’s (you’re not a DJ unless you can beatmix 1970s funk on two cassette decks blah blah) and snobby digital jocks (“no pro would be seen dead on Virtual DJ”) having a dig at it. So can Virtual DJ Pro 7 which was released today, do anything to placate either group? Well, the first thing to say in any review of Virtual DJ Pro 7 is that Virtual DJ is, in fact – and has been for a long time – very good software. It is stable, easy to use, insanely configurable, powerful and because of all of this, wildly popular. It is more immediate than Traktor for the beginner, it will work on just about any hardware, it has busy and helpful user forums, and has been consistently ahead of the pack in many areas, not least video mixing. It also has built-in key detection, something none of the others has managed yet and arguably a must-have DJ tool nowadays.
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