Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Data Easy PRO v3.3

Data Easy PRO v3.3

One of the functionswhich work with a lot of battery power could be the information network.
By using request it's also possible to spend less 30% connected with battery power; because of this at the end with the day time you could have 30% battery power instead of a completely dismissed battery power.
This app is useful just to save battery power, information targeted traffic and also income, furthermore limit the device light and also stay in connect.
This permits you to cyclically hook up to the Mobile Network in order to the Wi-fi you to definitely synchronize e-mail, appointments, acquaintances, program information, and many others.

What's New
Brand New Windget 1x1 (Thanks to the dxduno suggestion)
Additional an opportunity for you to hold up the disconnect when you turn off the screen (useful by way of example while you are having a Speak Request and also you happen to be awaiting a quick response)
Improved the Request subject coloration
Additional support with regard to drugs
Enhanced functionality
Enhanced updating Widgets
Aesthetic enhancements
Improved the appear volume (less invasive)
Modified the Widgets alignment
Fixed the minor bugs

Data Easy PRO v3.3Data Easy PRO v3.3

Data Easy PRO v3.3Data Easy PRO v3.3

Require 1.6 and Up & File Size 1.3mb




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