Thursday, 17 April 2014

Don't Pause Pro! v3.3

Don't Pause Pro! v3.3

Tablet mode was created a result of the difficulty lots of people have been getting using their supplements muting many looks with the app. Tablet users is now able to make it possible for product function in support of their notification looks will be muted. To utilize product function coming from a golf widget, remember to use the "Tablet Mode" golf widget.

Don't Pause ended up being designed to keep the system from worrying people when you're following audio. Should you be following audio via your android phone so you receive a text message or maybe mail, automatically, Android stopages your audio and also performs the notification. Don't Pause throughout the following. Don't Pause will probably function regularly as soon as you begin it and also when you're enjoying audio it immediately positions your notices upon vibrate. After you finish off your audio, Don't Pause immediately adjustments your establishing back to the regular ringer. That app resembles "Shush! inches however We have used it one particular step further. Instead of allowing you to configure the app by yourself, We have accomplished the be right for you. Just download Don't Pause and begin it upwards. Which is many you must do to help keep your mobile audio uninterrupted.

What's New
3.3 -- Updated the 2x1 widget to fit the UI. Up to date the product function widget to fit one other 1x1 widget. Added the complete Russian translation.

Don't Pause Pro! v3.3Don't Pause Pro! v3.3

Don't Pause Pro! v3.3

Don't Pause Pro! v3.3Don't Pause Pro! v3.3

Require 2.1 and Up & File Size 2mb




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