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Greenify *ROOT* v2.3 build 6 beta + Donation Package v2.3

Greenify *ROOT* v2.3 build 6 beta + Donation Package v2.3

NEW: Non-root working mode are now supported in 2.0+, however with first point. That at present falls short of auto-hibernation due to freedom restriction. Test "Hibernate All" shortcut (widget) pertaining to advantage. In Android 4.1+, the availability service can be stimulated for you to automate this handbook procedure, thus do away with all the mouse clicks.

Greenify NEVER EVER collects your personal information in spite of the ability to availability service, that simply just usually takes benefit from that for you to automate issues.
In no way when your cellular phone or maybe pill come to be slower in addition to battery pack hungrier following plenty of software set up. Along with Greenify, ones system may run virtually since without problems in addition to lastingly since it do the first day time you had that!

IMPORTANT: Greenifying an application means that you're conscious that each the backdrop functionality (service, recurrent job, celebration receiver, alarm system, golf widget up-date, push message) with this application will end up away from service over the hibernation with the exception of when you are by using this application.

NEVER greenify alarm clock software, fast messaging software if you do not do not use them. You need to carry out authenticate the particular influence involving greenified software which people greatly be dependent.
When compared with various other well-liked resources aimed with the identical intent, Greenify provides the using benefits:
◆ In contrast to the particular "Freeze" attribute with "TitaniumBackup Pro" of which fully disable the particular application, you possibly can however utilize ones application since normal, share pleased with that. Do not need deep freeze & defrozen that.
◆ In contrast to "Autostarts", you possibly can gain from the vast majority of the benefits, with out desiring to handle the particular intricacy in addition to chance involving unknown application parts, and don't shed functionality when application can be positively operating.
◆ In contrast to almost any "XXX Activity Killer", ones system won't ever fit in the particular cat-mouse-game involving stealthy-running in addition to hostile eradicating, which in turn unjustifiably eats much more battery pack liquid.
Observe: Greenify carry out demand a background lingering "Cleaner" service to place the particular greenified software back to hibernation when you are not positively with them. It truly is created in addition to implemented with extremely light in weight, through an common RAM MEMORY presence at 3M in one payemnt, & nearly zero CPU & the battery consumption.

What's New
Experimental attribute "Keep Notifications" now is effective with out Xposed.
Completely new tasker plugin for you to get up hibernatized application, resuming the background providers in addition to duties.
Extra a new workaround pertaining to conversing concern with some Samsung devices. (enable that with Supply settings involving Greenify)
Programmed handbook hibernation can be increased pertaining to a variety of devices & ROMs (HTC, MIUI, in addition to for example. )
[Donation Package]
GCM push can be obstructed pertaining to distinct application by disabling the notification with "Settings - Appslication".

How to Install:
1) Please remove all the previous version of the Greenify & Donation Package at 1st!!!
2) Install the Xposed installer APK
3) Install the Greenify (Donation Package)v2.3-signed.apk
4) Install the Greenify *ROOT* v2.3.apk
5) Open the Xposed installer, select the greenify inside the modules tab & open the framework tab then press the install/update & reboot
6) Done!

Greenify *ROOT* v2.3 build 6 beta + Donation Package v2.3

Greenify *ROOT* v2.3 build 6 beta + Donation Package v2.3Greenify *ROOT* v2.3 build 6 beta + Donation Package v2.3

Require 3.1 and Up & File Size 1.1mb




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