Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ZPlayer v3.99.40

ZPlayer v3.99.40

Zplayer is designed across the easy and content driven “metro” model. Though looking minimal, that provides a big boxing techinque!

ZPlayer offers:
• Music Features
-Listening history
-Media Player
-Auto created playlists (Most Played, The latest music, Not too long ago Added)
-Metadata (Album opinions, musician biographies, identical painters, identical albums)
-Music weekly tendencies (artist prime tracks, prime music, prime albums)
-Artist events*, melody lyrics*.

• SongKick Situations
• Last.fm Features:
-Last. fm scrobbling.
-Last. fm ‘now playing’ reputation messages.
-Last. fm ‘likes’ articles.
-Last. fm messaging (ShoutBox) to be able to different consumers.
-Last. fm scrobbling heritage.

• Podcast Features
-Video podcast internet, dues, downloads, player.
-Audio podcast internet, dues, downloads, player.
-Podcast look for along with tips.

• Online Radio
-Shoutcast R / c internet (with DNAS metadata).
-Radio section look for.
- Dar.fm radio listings & search

What's New
-bug fixes
-added a option to delete the videos
-added a search to homescreen
-added a swipe up gesture on the 'now playing' screen

ZPlayer v3.99.40ZPlayer v3.99.40

ZPlayer v3.99.40ZPlayer v3.99.40

ZPlayer v3.99.40ZPlayer v3.99.40

Require 2.2 and Up & File Size 2.8mb




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